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ČSOB Match'it will contact you to further administratively complete your application.

Yes. Although in most cases a share transaction takes place, a mere sale of assets is also perfectly possible. The ČSOB Match'it team will gladly help you if you have any further questions about this topic.

ČSOB Match'it does not provide guidance, but through the platform you can gain access as a buyer / seller to a network of partners who can guide you throughout the process. An overview of our partners can be found here.

This is certainly possible, registration at KBC Match'it is possible as a natural person or legal person. If you opt for registration as a legal entity, we will ensure that invoicing is forwarded to your company.

Are you already a ČSOB client and interested in ČSOB Match'it? Please contact your ČSOB contact person or leave your details here.

Access to the ČSOB Match'it platform is available to everyone, you do not have to be a ČSOB client. Are you already a ČSOB client and interested in ČSOB Match'it? Please contact your ČSOB contact person.

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